The Saint John Jewish Historical Museum is pleased to announce that it will be holding the Sixth Annual Saint John Jewish Film Festival from October 26 to October 31, 2019. The films to be shown have been featured in prestigious film festivals around the world. The proceeds from the film festival will support the work of the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum to preserve the Jewish history of Saint John.

These films will include every genre including comedy, tragedy, documentary, biographical and historical. They will have a broad appeal and be entertaining while drawing on the Jewish experience.
The Gala Opening Film and Reception (for event sponsors only) will be screened at the Mary Oland Theatre, New Brunswick Museum on Saturday, October 26 at 7:00 p.m. The film will be The Keeper, directed by Marcus Rosenmuller (2018 – English and German with subtitles). The Keeper tells the real-life story of Bert Trautman, former German POW who went on to play in goal for Manchester City, famously playing much of the 1956 FA Cup Final despite having broken his neck. He falls in love, overcomes personal tragedy and wins the hearts of a British public who initially refuse to accept a German playing for their team. The relationship between Trautman and Margaret gives the film its heart, elevating it beyond conventional sporting biopics.
The remaining films will be screened at the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum, 91 Leinster Street. Tickets for the 7:00 p.m. showings can be purchased for $10 / film at the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum and the Imperial Theatre box office.
The line up for the Saint John Jewish Film Festival is as follows :


Promise at Dawn – Director Eric Barbier, France, 2017 – French - English subtitles

From his childhood in Poland to his adolescence in Nice to his years as a student in Paris and his World War II adventures as a bombardier, this tragi-comedy tells the romantic story of Romain Gary, one of the most famous French novelists to have won the Goncourt Prize for French literature.


Leona – Director Isaac Cherem, Spain 2019 – Spanish - English subtitles

A young Jewish woman from Mexico City finds herself torn between her family and her forbidden love with a non-Jewish man. He allows her to discover the world outside the bubble of her community, leading to an important transition in her adult life.


Shoelaces – Director Jacob Goldwasser, Israel 2018 – Hebrew - English subtitles

A complicated relationship between an aging father and his special needs son whom he abandoned as a young boy. Reuben’s kidneys are failing and his son, Gadi, wants to donate one of his own. The film’s portrayal of comedy, love, rejection and co-dependency questions the importance of human life, human connection and if life is even possible without either of them.


The Tobacconist – Director Nikolaus Leytner, Austria 2019 – German and Czech - English subtitles

A heart-breaking story of a young man and his friendship with Sigmund Freud during the Nazi occupation of Vienna. Seventeen-year-old Franz moves to Vienna to work at a tobacco shop. He meets Sigmund Freud, a regular customer and over time the two form a singular friendship. When Franz falls in love with a music-hall dancer, he seeks Freud’s advice, but Freud admits the female sex is as big a mystery to him as it is to Franz.


My Polish Honeymoon- Director Elise Otzerberger, France 2019, French - English subtitles

Anna and Adam, a young couple from Paris with Polish Jewish origins, are invited to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the destruction of the Polish birth village of Adam's grandfather. If Adam is not very excited about this trip, Anna is excited to discover the land that is also her grandmother's. Here they are, looking for their origins in a journey full of surprises, during which they will not find exactly what they came for.

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