The main exhibit for 2015 is Pamdenec - The “Golden Days” : 1920 to 1970, an exhibition including video, photographs, artefacts and anecdotes to share the history of Jewish cottage life.

“Pamdenec” is a small settlement a short distance from the centre of Saint John that is now part of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. Its name is an aboriginal word that describes the topography of the area. It was a stopping point for the Maliseet tribes who used the river as their transportation link between their inland communities and the sea. “Jewish” Pamdenec is listed as one of “Canada’s Historic Places” which can be visited online.

Shortly after the First World War, a few Jewish families from Saint John bought or built summer houses in Pamdenec: un-insulated wood frame buildings with small bedrooms, a well for water, a septic tank, a wood stove and very modest furnishings. This Jewish summer community grew to more than 50 families by the 1940s. For the young people who spent time there, Pamdenec became a vast collection of wonderful memories. For adults it was a time for relaxation and spending time with visiting friends and relatives from other parts of Canada and the US.

Visitors can also see these exhibits :

Jewish Immigration to Saint John

Saint John Connections to the Holocaust

18 Exceptional Men/18 Exceptional Women

Jewish Life from the Cradle to the Grave

You are also welcome to enjoy the attached Shaarei Zedek Synagogue.


Coming Soon

Second Annual Saint John Jewish Film Festival

Under the auspices of the

Saint John Jewish Historical Society Inc.

October 27 to October 22, 2015

6 nights / 6 films

General Admission Tickets will be available at the

Saint John Jewish Historical Museum and the Imperial Theatre


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